At Mediline d.o.o. we are well aware of the importance of integral sales and post-sales services. For this reason we provide you with professional, modern, and responsive technical service ourselves or through our contractors.

The technical services' experts offer you:
  • installation and introduction to devices and systems from our sales programme
  • fast and efficient repair of potential deficiencies during and after the warranty period
  • preventive maintenance that prevents potential damage or restricts the extent of its consequences, respectively
  • regular annual verification and calibration
  • professional advice in the cases of technical questions


To ensure safe work we ask you to clean and disinfect the instrument, device or system before any service intervention, and to sign the Declaration of decontamination.

We ask you to check the appropriateness of cleaning and disinfection agents before decontamination. Otherwise you could damage or even utterly destroy the instrument!

Instructions for decontamination are to be found in the instructions for use enclosed to every product; we can also send them to you by e-mail or by post.