Rosco Diagnostica is a Danish company focussed and highly committed to the development, manufacture and marketing of a unique system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing and identification of bacteria and yeasts. The products are In Vitro Diagnostica used in the clinical microbiology laboratory in both hospitals and private laboratories. Rosco Diagnostica's products are sold internationally through an extensive network of competent local distributors. The Rosco Diagnostica products have been available on the market for more than 35 years and are generally accepted for their high quality and accurate and homogeneous results. The products are manufactured under a strict quality control system similar to GMP standards. The products comply with the European In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) directive 98/79/EC and are all CE marked.

Rosco kits for the detection of resistance mechanisms:
  • 98013 : ESBL Screening Kit
  • 98014 Total ESBL Confirmation Kit
  • 98011 ESBL Confirmation (acc to CLSI) Kit
  • 98012 ESBL Confirmation( Chromos AmpC ) kit
  • 98008 ESBL + AmpC Screen Kit
  • 98007 AmpC Screen Kit
  • 98006 KPC and MBL Confirm Kit
  • 68912 Triple disk for detection of KPC+MBL
  • 98015 KPC,MBL and OXA-48 Confirm Kit
  • 98016 Total Metallo-beta-lactamases Confirm Kit
  • 98017 Detection of hVISA,GISA,VRE and Daptomycin resistance

Several of these kits are the gold standard in many laboratories for detection of ESBL,AmpC,MBL and OXA-48 enzymes in gram negatives.