In the field of molecular biology QIAGEN offers a wide range of products for nucleic acid manipulation in life science:
  • kits for DNA and RNA isolation from fungi, vegetal and animal tissue, body fluids; they also offer a solution for plasmid and viral DNA isolation
  • reagents for normal PCR and real-time PCR
  • kits for PCR products purification
  • cloning reagents
  • transfection reagents
  • iRNA synthesis (interference)
  • SABiosciences kits for research of metabolic path ways on molecular level
for kit lines (artus, digene, companion diagnostics DxS, forensic medicine, mericon, amnisure):
  • kits for infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacterias for working with various real time PCR devices
  • kits for genetic testing
  • kit for HPV diagnostics with hybrid capture method, which is still golden standard
for work with proteins:
  • systems for protein expression
  • systems for protein isolation
  • systems for protein detection and testing
  • preparation for immunisation
and for work with crystals (Nextal Biotechnologies company).