OBOXO - The Disinfecting Cabinet

Disinfecting Cabinet based on Ozon for a fast disinfection of materials

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The new Oboxo industrial grade disinfection cabinet uses on the spot generated ozone gas, one of the most effective biocide in the nature. With the help of turbulent airflow, ozone is equally distributed on all surfaces in the gas-tight chamber. Dry ozone gas decays to oxygen in just 30 minutes after disinfection resulting in residues or other pollutants free environment.

Spacious internal chamber will accommodate many objects needing a thorough disinfection. Be it fabrics from your business or packages from delivery companies or any other object needing disinfection, there is almost no limitation for Oboxo.

As opposed to UV light, alcohol and peroxide aerosols, no side effects can be found after using Oboxo. Our continuous and reliable automated process ensures that all surfaces are disinfected leaving no dead spots or porosity limitations.

Oboxo is equipped with 3 disinfection programs which can be accessed through an intuitive user interface. The fast – 10 minute Immense disinfection program will inactivate 99,999% of most living bacteria, yeasts and viruses. All extreme resistant microorganisms can be inactivated throughout a 60 minute absolute disinfection program. Third Oboxo program is a completely customizable program with specific time and ozone concentration parameters. Additionally, we provide a multi-use cart for your items to be manipulated accordingly.

As a society we have taken care of many aspects of our personal hygiene, we accept to wear face masks and keep social distance but the bags, the goods, the packages and all other objects that are constantly circulating among us have been drastically neglected as a source of contamination. We can secure item disinfection with smart solutions. Solutions like the OBOXO from Mediline.

·         OBOXO is SIST EN 17272:2020 certified

·         100% ecological (no residues)

·         99,999% disinfection (5Log reduction)

·         No chemicals needed

·         Dry disinfection process

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