Bio/Data Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Platelet Aggregation products for Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Research Laboratories. They are focused on providing Aggregometers, Platelet Centrifuges, Reagents, Consumables and Accessories that provide medical professionals with reliable test results. Their products are used for assessing various stages of Hemostasis and Platelet Function disorders including von Willebrand Disease and Glanzmann's Disease and for monitoring the use of Anti-Platelet drugs like Plavix® and Aspirin.

Bio/Data Corporation strives in supporting the Physicians, Scientists, Medical Technologists and Technicians in Laboratories around the world. They continue groundbreaking Technology and Software for Clinical, Research, Analytical, and Bio-Tech Laboratories. They also assist Clinical Research Trials developing new products that lead to a better understanding of platelets and treatments improving the quality of patients' lives. Bio/Data Corporation currently holds more than a dozen US Patents and Trademarks.