Liofilchem novice - Synergy Application System, Cefiderocol disk

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

MTS™ Synergy Application System

MTS™-SAS (MIC Test Strip Synergy Application System) combines the reliability of MTS™ with patented tools to facilitate and standardize a critical assay such as the in-vitro combination of antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance is a major challenge for clinicians and clinical microbiologists, the use of synergy testing is nowadays increasingly requested.

MTS™-SAS procedure is significantly faster than any other methods in antibiotic synergy tests (i.e. timekill, checkerboard), does not require any additional trainings to those who are skilled in the usage of MTS™, reduces or eliminates the risks of procedure errors when compared to laborious and complicated traditional methods.

• standardized
• easy to use
• save time, materials, workload, resources

MTS Synergy Applicator Platform ref. 96860
MTS Synergy Delivery Tool (10 units) ref. 96870

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Cefiderocol 30 µg disk  

Cefiderocol is a siderophore cephalosporin with a unique mechanism for penetrating efficiently into Gram-negative pathogens: it binds to free iron and is actively transported into bacterial cells through the outer membrane. Cefiderocol is stable against nearly all beta-lactamases, including both the serine and metallo-carbapenemases.  
Cefiderocol 30 μg disk (CE marked) is available in two packaging formats:

1 cartridge, 50 disks
ref. 9266/1  

5 cartridges, 250 disks
ref. 9266  

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