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Industrial microbiology

ESC swab
ESC (Easy Surface Checking) swab range includes a new generation of sampling devices for microbiological examination of surfaces, especially recommended for food and pharmaceutical industries.
Available for Neutralizing Rinse Solution, Buffered Peptone Water + Neutralizing, D/E Neutralizing Broth, Letheen Broth, Maximum Recovery Diluent, in 5, 10 mL or other customizable volume formats.

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Clinical microbiology

Mycoplasma System Plus
Mycoplasma System Plus (ref. 72592) is a 24 well panel containing biochemical substrata and antimicrobial drugs for detection, presumptive identification and susceptibility testing of microorganisms directly from urogenital specimens (vaginal swab, urethral swab, seminal fluid, urine) in 24-48 hours.

The new improved configuration allows to separately identify and
enumerate Ureaplasma spp. and Mycoplasma hominis.
Count of Ureaplasma spp. (Uu) 10e3 to ≥ 10e5 CFU/mL
Count of Mycoplasma hominis (Mh) 10e4 to ≥ 10e5 CFU/mL
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  • Identification and count of U. urealitycum and M. hominis
  • Susceptibility testing (double concentration): Tetracycline, Pefloxacin, Ofloxacin, Doxycycline, Erythromycin, Clarithromycin, Minocycline, Clindamycin, Azithromycin
  • growth well for Candida spp. and Trichomonas vaginalis
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ref. 72592
20 panels pack
2-8°C storage temperature
485 days shelf life


Hydrogen peroxide solutions 3% - 10 Vols
  • Formulated according to the Italian Official Pharmacopoeia (F.U.)
  • PVC bottles with child safety cap
  • 36 months shelf-life
CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) registration number 3326823
HygiDerm is a ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning and hygiene of healthy skin.

Made in Italy: HygiDerm is produced by Liofilchem in its premises in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy and each batch is checked in accordance with the company's Quality Management System certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 (raw materials, containers, labels and the whole manufacturing process).

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