OBOXO - The Disinfecting Cabinet

Disinfecting Cabinet based on Ozon for a fast disinfection of people and materials

disinfects people's clothes and hair before entering a building.

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It can be used as a disinfection method for materials as well.

The disinfection process takes 60 seconds. Disinfection is performed via OZONE - a dry oxidizing gas which unselectively destroys a huge range of microbes.

With OBOXO there is no danger of inhaling dangerous aerosols or gases, your clothes stay dry with a superior level of disinfection in comparison to classical disinfection methods.

OBOXO is the only 100% ecological disinfection as there are no external or residual chemicals involved.

Ozone is produced by electricity. Residual OZONE after disinfection is sucked out of the cabinet into the ambient air where it rapidly decomposes back to oxygen.

Contact: Nataša Pirc
E natasa.pirc@mediline.si
T 00386 1 830 80 44
M 00386 41 920 982

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