Founded in 2001 by pioneers in qPCR, TATAA Biocenter is Europe’s leading provider of gene expression profiling services and a prime organizer of hands-on training in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR). TATAA Biocenter offers a full range of real-time qPCR services, commissioned services and research projects, hands-on training and highest quality products. We are offering you the TATAA Biocenter a broad spectrum of hands-on courses in qPCR, covering all aspects from basic introductory courses for users entering the field of qPCR to advanced application based courses.
TATAA Biocenter highly appreciated courses are suitable for researchers, technicians, post-graduate students or anyone that wants to learn more about real-time PCR and real-time PCR related technologies. Most of their courses have both theoretical and practical parts where the participants perform experiments under experienced supervision. They offer a large number of different course modules, from just a single day module to a full week course.