In clinical diagnostics R-Biopharm possesses many years of sound experience, particularly in the field of infectological stool diagnosticsbut as well in the field of serological infection diagnostics and allergy diagnostics. In the year 2006 the clinical product portfolio was extended by inovative test systems in the product lines tumor diagnostics and gastroenterology.

R-Biopharm has been a successful market player world-wide and is constantly developing new and partly groundbreaking test systems in the different areas. In this process automation is a main focus from the beginning. All distributed tests are CE-marked.

The products have been designed and developed primarily for immunoassay platforms. Nonetheless, there is also a great emphasis on other test formats like Lateral Flow, Immunoblots and Immunofluorescence assays.

RIDASCREEN®, RIDA® and PentoCheck® are world-wide recognized trademarks of R-Biopharm.

NEW! molecular diagnostics by RT PCR kits in gastroenterological diagnostics for hospital diseases and respiratory infections (all parameters are listed in their catalog).