Liofilchem novice - Chromatic ESBL

Chromatic ESBL
Selective chromogenic medium for screening Gram-negative ESBL-producing bacteria.

ESBL (Extended Spectrum β-Lactamases) are enzymes that confer resistance to penicillins, extended-spectrum third generation cephalosporins (C3G) and monobactams. The ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae are responsible of severe hospital-acquired infections. The correct and early detection of ESBL-producing microorganisms is critical for addressing to the most appropriate antimicrobial therapy and avoiding the spread of infections.

Chromatic ESBL medium contains a mixture of chromogenic compounds and antibiotics that allow the the growth of ESBL-producing bacteria while inhibit the other bacteria, including the ampC-positive. While the AmpC-positive bacteria can still be treated with certain beta-lactamase-stable antibiotics, the presence of an ESBL infection seriously limits treatment options because of the wide resistance acquired. 

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